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For thousands of years, leather has been one of the best companions of human; in ancient times, leather was our ancestor's clothing, which kept them warm in the winter. It was also the witness of the history, where people wrote down poetry, songs and stories on leather sheets. Now a days, leather is used almost everywhere, from clothing and fashion, to different types of furniture and leather products, leather plays an important role in our lives.

In 1918, Mr. Alhaj Minnatullah (1898-1997) started a small business of raw hides at Kanpur a place situated in North India, selling hides to tanners of Kanpur and Madras.

In 1940, He established a Tannery at Old Cawnpore (Main City) for production of Vegetable Tanned Crust Leather and Sole Leather for British Army.

In 1946, the tannery was shifted to Jajmau, which was located at outskirts of Cawnpore Cantonment and named as "Upper India Tannery" and its production of Vegetable tanned Sole & Harness Leathers more...

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